My Story

I enjoyed a thirty year career in biotechnology and biostatistics as an administrative support professional for high level leadership. Upon a forced early retirement due to health issues, I rekindled my passion for the sport of drag racing. This eventually lead to a second career, of sorts.

Today, I design and/or maintain multiple websites for professional and sportsman level race drivers as well as a myriad of other businesses and foundations. Samples of my work can be found on the portfolio page.

Along life's path, I earned a degree in Human Services, with emphasis in Psychology and Sociology.

I was a member of a major pharmaceutical's blockbuster drug development team and received numerous awards for my "out of the box" ideas, organizational skills, and creation of concepts and proposals that led to cost saving measures for prior employers.

I am a freelance web designer with multiple active websites maintained daily. I also assist professional race teams on all phases of marketing (social media, blogs, press releases, proposals, presentations, contract negotiations, and delivery of ROI, ROE and ROO for sponsors).

I continue to grow my skills in obtaining quantifiable results for marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Forced retirement or not, allowing my mind to go stagnant is not an option for me. I will never find myself waking up sick and saying "I'll just stay in bed"...these sites give me a reason to force myself to get up and get inspired! I am very thankful to all who have entrusted me with their professional image portrayed on these websites.

Personal Life

I am married to the love of my life and have two sons, two daughters (in-law), and four amazing grandchildren. My husband and I share our home with seven dogs and one crazy cat.